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Our team of instructors

Our team of instructors also share our values. They have been with us for numerous years and have participated in all of our courses. The youngest of our partner instructors has 15 years’ of field experience, the most senior instructors have over 40 years’ experience. The body of knowledge of the certifications is the core content of our instruction and consultancy missions.

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Jean-Michel CAILLAUD



For 15 years, Jean-Michel was plant manager of a company making medical equipment, before which he had several industrial operations responsibilities. Today, he has his own consultancy firm, coaches and leads enterprises towards best SC practises and uses quality as a management tool.(

Instructor CPIM et CSCP (Level Lead : CPIM and Master : CSCP - APICS Recognized Instructors).



René COLIN Conseil

He has more than 40 years of experience in industrial operations, he is author of a book “Produire Juste-à-Temps en Petites Séries” (Editions MGCM) and of several educational fascicules in the collection “à savoir” (Editions AFNOR)

Instructor CPIM (CPIM: level Master, Lean: level Associate - APICS Recognized Instructors).

Badhrinath KIDAMBI


Principal Consultant, Benchmark Six Sigma

Badhri's 15 year professional experience is with supply chains both in industry and in IT and his experience includes both large organisations and start-ups. He has lived and worked in the US first for a joint venture between GM & Toyota and then for a Silicon Valley start-up called Smart Turn, the first Saas WMS company in the world. He came back 5 years ago to live in Chennai. Today, he is a consultant and his main expertise is in supply chain agility and robustness, supplier development and network collaboration, change management, market strategy and lean six sigma.