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Training course schedule

on site training courses

For a minimum of 10 participants


The characteristics and benefits of on site training:

  • The company has the freedom to plan its training calendar:

    • when to start a course and

    • how many days it may wish to allocate for a particular course

  • The price per participant becomes more interesting

  • An MGCM instructor comes to the company; travel needs and organisation are simplified

  • A significant number of employees will be trained to use the same SCM vocabulary, will be aware of SCM objectives and master processes. Team work will be enhanced.

  • During the course the group will be able to bring up subjects and issues specific to the enterprise


Companies who have conducted on-site training courses have generally found that their employees benefit from a standardisation of a common supply chain language and best practises. On-site courses are particularly useful when there are specific projects involving people: mergers, fusions and acquisitions or any other reorganisation or IT project.

Cross functional teams have found training to be an excellent means to communicate, learn together and develop competencies. The need to advance towards common goals makes it far simpler to move out of silos and collaborate.