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Training course schedule

distance learning solutions

 MGCM has distance learning solutions for the BASICS of Supply Chain management certification.

A support for the remaining CPIM modules will also soon be available on line.


These distance learning options are useful for

  • Multi national companies

  • Small sized companies

  • Individuals needing rapidly to acquire fundamental supply chain management knowledge, before going on with a more specialised or higher level course for example for CSCP, CPF or CGBL


The distance learning courses are ideal when travel and course timing become issues or when the budget needs to be reduced.

How the BASICS distance learning course works :

The course is divided into 10 sessions. The participant has to alternate his self study (with the help of the program provided) with the exercices that are available on the distance learning platform.

Each MCQ is followed by an explanation as to why the particular answer proposed is the right choice.

Each test may be done as many times as the participant wishes until he/she has acquired answered 100% of the questions correctly.

At the end of the 10 sessions, the participant has a final test with 60 MCQ.

If you should wish to have a closer look at the course, Audrey ( will be able to provide you with a demo code.

Blended learning solutions

MGCM also provides assistance to participants needing some form of support : coaching or partial attendance at one of our open courses.

Please do not hesitate to call Audrey (01 49 67 06 00 or for any further information.