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Training course schedule

Certified Supply Chain Professional

Benefits of the training course

For the organisation

  • It creates a common understanding, vocabulary, processes and framework within the organisation thereby the ability to address supply chain challenges and opportunities
  • It enables interdepartmental movement through collaboration since there is a consistent foundation
  • As a result, the organisation will see positive effects on lead times, inventory and bottom line profitability, better use of tools, existing resources, ERP systems and collaboration which will increase the efficiency of the workplace environment

For individual employees

  • Design successful supply chain strategies using global standards and common terminology
  • Effectively manage supplier and customer relationships
  • Enhance logistics, technology and data integration to improve performance
  • Increase customer satisfaction and impact the bottom line
  • Employees with greater confidence since they are able to create consistency, foster collaboration through best practises, common terminology and corporate-wide communication
  • All Supply Chain managers who need a mastery of the different tasks, and interactivities from sourcing & procurement to distribution to the final customer, managing relationships with customers & suppliers
  • SC Directors, Plant managers, Operations managers, IT managers, managers overseeing distribution logistics, platforms, warehousing and related activities.
  • Consultants (Editors & Integrators, Supply Chain Consultants).

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The first step is to ensure that the eligibility application has been filled out and approved by APICS. Your eligibility depends on the fact of having 5 years’ experience as a Supply Chain professional. (Instructions for the application are given on the APICS web site).


A potential participant must know and master the content of the Basics of Supply Chain Management course, whether or not he/she has taken the exam.

Sound knowledge of reading English is a must.

MGCM recommends all potential participants to take the CSCP pre test which is available on our website.

Duration of the instructor led course

MGCM normally provides 5 days of training: 35 hours of instructor led teaching + 4 hours for the exam (a total of 39 hours)

The course is spread out over a 4 month period considered necessary for the study and understanding of the course work and manuals.

The exam consists of 175 multiple choice questions to be answered in 4 hours.

For 2013 exams are still primarily being conducted on fixed dates through paper & pencil testing. All exams will be conducted through computer based testing in 2014.

For on site training (available for 8 to 15 participants) consult MGCM for customised training solutions (for example a mix of instructor led and distance learning).

Jean-Michel CAILLAUD



For 15 years, Jean-Michel was plant manager of a company making medical equipment, before which he had several industrial operations responsibilities. Today, he has his own consultancy firm, coaches and leads enterprises towards best SC practises and uses quality as a management tool.(

Instructor CPIM et CSCP (Level Lead : CPIM and Master : CSCP - APICS Recognized Instructors).